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City Girl, Country Girl

I grew up in Yorktown on the edge of suburbia, far enough to not quite be in a development but close enough to still dislike it. My father, who grew up not too far from where we lived, watched the wild marshland of his childhood become populated. He recalls when main roads finally connected small communities and when normal roads became back-roads. He told me many times about how the major development on the other side of Victory Boulevard used to be swampland.Read more...Collapse )


January Gets Part 1 Additional Rambling

Once again, these are just some stories or whatever that didn't make it into my post on pkmncollectors for the sake ob brevity or the lack of true relevance. Here's a link to the post over there too. http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/14042472.html I'm also putting this under a cut for the sake of saving space on people's friends pages.

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The Nose Knows.

With my resolution to post more in my journal, I bring you a story from two(?) Christmases ago.

It was the day after Christmas (and all through the house...). Mom and I were exhausted from cooking Christmas dinner for the past three days. We had enjoyed the company of relatives from both sides of the family for a big Christmas dinner the day before and were very glad that we only needed to reheat the plethora of leftover dishes from the previous day to have that night's dinner.

During the heating process of numerous dishes, I sauntered into the kitchen and smelled something unusual. After taking a minute to place the smell, I asked, "Is something burning?"

My mother assured me that nothing was burning. We then began talking about the various dishes. When we got to the green bean casserole (Which, for those of you who don't know, is a dish comprised of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and these little crunchy onions that you broil on the top.), my mother froze. "The green bean casserole!" She gasped.

She and my father ran to the oven and pulled the rack out to check it. All the onions on the top were black instead of a deep, golden brown. Almost as soon as it was exposed to the air, the top burst into flames. Surprised, my mother let out a yelp. Smoke billowed out into the kitchen, and there was much yelling from all of us and a little bit of laughter on my part. It seemed to me to be an event that I usually only saw in cartoons and comedy movies and was, by its very nature, quite amusing. The flames must have been four or five inches tall at their highest point.

As my mother tried to extinguish the flames muttering a string of "hoo hah oooh ahs" as people sometimes do when things are hot, the smoke alarm sounded, its screeches filling the room. The only comfort was knowing that it actually still functioned!

Possibly only seconds before it went off, my grandmother began yelling from across the room, "Fan the smoke alarm so it doesn't beep! Fan the smoke alarm! Fan the smoke alarm..."

My mother shouted back exasperatedly, "I think it's a little late for that!" However, my father complied anyway, standing on a chair dragged from the kitchen table with a dish towel in his hands. I suppose attempting something after its too late is still an attempt. It seems to count for the government, at least.

After the flames were extinguished and the smoke alarm reset, my mother scraped off the burnt onions, replaced them with fresh ones, and broiled the top again while watching it very carefully. We all then gathered at the table for a nice meal that did not arrive on the table flaming.

What did you think? I'm certainly no David Sedaris or Frank McCourt, but I hope you liked it nonetheless!


Oh! Journal Clean-Up Time!

There's nothing like going through my old LJ posts to make me realize how much I've grown over the years. Luckily, there's a "Delete Entry" button just waiting to be used! I left a few of the older posts, since deleting all of them just seemed so strange. I don't want to erase everything of who I was when I was less mature, but only a small portion is necessary. I left some of the more important ones.

I left the one about my graduation because I had forgotten how much work I had to do the last couple months of my senior year. I'll probably never tell you all about the suicide of my friend. A classmate asked for stories about him recently, and I'm just barely ready to write them down for him. The grieving process is a long and personal journey, but I am glad to say that I now understand that his death was not my fault. It took two years to feel like I hadn't been the one who let him down and let him die. It took another two years for me to finally admit that I have no control over anyone's actions but mine and that it was ultimately his decision. Now I'm just left with the pain of missing someone who meant so much to me.

I left my nerd post, since I am still a nerd and like many of those things. I don't really cosplay anymore, nor do I keep up with many anime or manga, however, my love for the Japanese language and culture has deepened to the point where I'm olanning on going for my masters and PhD. in a Japan-related field. I'm really interested in literature and how it explains and deals with cultural issues. I'm also very interested in Women's Studies in Japan. Ishigaki Rin is one of my favorite Japanese poets. I can't wait to get into grad school to continue my studies.

I left the "mundane" post because I had actually forgotten that my grandma hadn't known that Sandi had died. It's interesting what I forget over time. I feel as if I am more forgetful now. I wonder if it is because I'm thinking about so many things at once...

I left the one about Preview because college was (and probably will always be) a continual cycle of excitement, and frustration. I wouldn't trade it for anything though!

I hope to update my story about being stranded in Norfolk at 1 am to make it a better read. I also plan to make more well-written posts from now on that actually say something that people might find interesting. That being said, I rarely update! Maybe I'll try to do so with a little more frequency.

Pokemon Wants!

This is my Wants List for pkmncollectors. If you are looking at this because you have my name in a swap just know that I'll be happy with anything you get me, no matter how far up or down it is on the list. Any plush on this list can either have no hang tag or a detached one, but I'd like them to be in very good condition. Feel free to ask me (or, if it's a secret thing, our host) for pictures! I'll love anything you get/make me!!!

If you are looking here for trading purposes, items higher on the list are probably ones I'd me more interested in acquiring at the moment. Also, if you have other items that, from looking at this list, seem relevant to my interests feel free to ask me! My main collections are Jolteon and Male Meowstic. I also like Vulpix, Furfrou, Phantump, Ampharos, Mareep, Gulpin, Pumpkaboo, Wimsicott and Eevee.

Note: Things that are crossed out are possibly pending Get status.

Current Grails:

***Large Jolteon Pracoro (sp?) dice (any)***
*Small Jolteon Pracoro (sp?) dice (any)*
*Jolteon Bell Plush*

Other Items:

Furfrou rubber keychain
Male Meowstic pokedex card
Wimsicott fairy type figure
Cyndaquil secret base plush
Pokemon quiz books ( HGSS or B2W2) (I would absolutely love either one of these!) I own DPPt and BW
Small Eevee Walky Plush
Turtwig Pokemon Time figure strap
Pumpkaboo figure from the ghost gacha
Male Meowstic TCG
Male Meowstic pan sticker
Pumpkaboo MPC
Insect Badge official pin
Ramos' Gym Badge (the leaf-shaped one)
Pokemon Cafe Mug (the one with the three monkeys from the promo named "pokemon cafe")
Pokemon Cafe postcards

For Customs:
Furfrou customs would be my FAVORITE things EVER. I especially like Kabuki and also like Natural, Star, and La Reine a lot. I would love traditional art, pokedoll tags, pinback buttons, charms, sculpts, plush, amigurumi, needlefelts, custom embroidered things, or anything else you can think of!
I would LOVE Male Meowstic things-especially shiny Male Meowstic things! Things I'd love are the same as the Furfrou ones above.
Jolteon is also another favorite of mine. Jolteon and Male Meowstic are my two main collections.
Mega Ampharos would be mega awesome too! (Regular Amphy is cute too!)
If you do shiny art, my number one shiny love is Male Meowstic. That banana cream color is amazing!


I bought things, lots of things.

So, since I don't use my journal that much, I think saying all the things that I probably shouldn't say on pkmn collectors would be fun! XD The comments in here were either too personalfor an international community that doesn't need to hear my life story or cut for brevity's sake. I love pkmn collectors so much. Everyone is so nice, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than my other hobby, lolita fashion, which I've been too exhausted recently to do much with at the moment.

I'm too tired (read: lazy) and my bandwidth is too limited here in the middle of nowhere to post my pictures twice, so pop on over to the comm if you'd like to see cute things. Use this link:

The Victini Canvas is so freaking cute! I love the little guy! When I showed him to my mom, she said, "Another one." He's my fourth Victini plush, and I worried that she thought I was silly for buying so many of the same 'Mon. I later asked her about it, and she said that I read way too much into what she said and that she thought he was cute. It's hard to figure out what people mean when you can't see their facial expressions...

Leafeon is so cute! It bothers me that I can't get all of his fur to lay in the same direction most of the time... His ears are so perky and cute, and his tail is so squiggly, but he has the FATTEST neck ever. I just can't get over how strange it looks, so I don't look at it... Out of sight out of mind! When I buy a plush in person, I compare all of one type to see which I think is the cutest, so buying from kiosks would probably drive me crazy since I would know that there were more in there!!!

The Walky Eevee bag was an awesome find. I've been kinda down recently and can't do a lot of the things that I usually do to cheer myself up, like taking a walk, spending time with a friend, or walking to a food place to just get out and get a bite to eat. I recently moved from a college campus in the city to my grandma's house in the middle of NOWHERE. (I also don't have any friends near here.) Town is a post office and a store/gas station. Town is a at least a 15 minute drive away, which seems very far for a legally blind girl who will never drive, so shopping for cute things online is one of the very few things that cheers me up. Anyway, I had wanted one of these, but I never thought I would find one that I could afford. Then, I was having a really bad day and saw a post on the comm that Floroma Pokemart was having a sale. It was on flash sale and really cheered me up. It arrived and was an even brighter pink than I thought it was. I've been in bed first with horrible pain in my mouth from grinding my teeth so much that my mouth was swollen and then with being sick from not eating much while my mouth was in pain. When I rolled over to see Eevee, I smiled a little, even though I was hurting. (My mouth hurts less now and I can chew more easily!)

Turtwig is too cute! He's a TURTLE with a TWIG on his head. I've never used him in my games, since I prefer greater speed than the super-cool Torterra has to offer, but I still love him, especially in the anime. I have a Banpresto plush of him and now two adorable kids! I think I'd like to get more 'Twigs in the future. I'm thinking of a few plush and maybe more cute figures. My mom is also now "collecting" him, since she wants whatever I buy of him, and I end up getting her some Turtwig things. She's been in my room for unrelated reasons before, seen my Turtwig plush, grabbed him, hugged him, and asked, "Why is he not mine?!" She also pretended to steal him the day I got him in the mail. XD

I collect buttons. I collect SO MANY buttons. I haven't counted them in a while, but there are probably at least 200 in my collection. I don't have many Pokemon ones so getting more is exciting!

I still don't have a big Pokemon plush to cuddle. I'm thinking about getting one of the larger Victini plush. I want a Snugglemon! >w< I also like the Sleeping Snivy, but that might be a little too pricey foe a Snugglemon...


My Teeth, They Are Feeling the Pain

So, I'm writing this before the painkillers, because on the painkillers, music is too complicated and I apparently type my sentences with spaces only after each sentence. Itkindoflookslikethis. Whichisprobablyveryhardtoread.

Anyway, A few of my teeth have been sore on and off for the past month or so. I'm terrified of the dentist, because I had the most painful wisdom tooth extraction that involved chopping an impacted tooth into six pieces. I didn't even have the good drugs during it and woke up in the middle to blood and medical blue everywhere. Since then, I've always been scared even though my current dentist is really nice...and probably related to me...I think she's a distant cousin.

ANYWAY, my teeth were in such terrible pain last night that I couldn't sleep. I was so confused and thought I might have to get a million root canals. However, I went to the dentist today, and she had NO IDEA what was wrong. She called in the other dentist who practices there, and he had no idea either! 0.o She decided that it was probably due to me grinding my teeth when I sleep. Lovely. It makes sense, since I do grind them, especially when I'm stressed. (And when am I NOT stressed these days?) She sent me home with pain meds and nausea pills, because strong pain meds don't settle well with me. This particular nausea medicine does the job but not without making me feel like I'm at sea. The last time I was on it, I felt like I was swaying in my desk chair and almost fell out of bed while trying to get into my tall bed at college.

I'm trying to check all my e-mails before the meds, since I'm sure I'll end up sending barely intelligible messages while on them. But my face is not feeling the good, and I have a sinus headache on top of all that, because WHY NOT??? It makes my mouth feel that much worse. I completely lost my appetite, but I did end up napping with a cup of mashed potatoes today. I'd wake up, take a bite, and then go back to sleep. I'm not looking forward to the "I took too many pills" feeling and have been avoiding taking the pain meds all day, but they will probably be nice for sleep, It's definitely better than feeling like half my face is going to either explode or fall off.


Adventures in the Rain

So, I haven't posted in forever, but I have to tell this story!

Thursday night, my best friend was really upset and wanted to go out to a local club to meet people and cheer up. It had been raining on and off all day, but we managed to make it there and stay fairly dry. We had a decent time. We had never been on 80's night before. After a while, we decided to skip out and get IHOP. The rain had picked up. We ran to her car and began heading towards the restaurant of delicious breakfast foods, when we came up upon some high water...

So, then...Collapse )


ODU Here I Come!

Well I've been busier lately. I went for PREVIEW at my college today. Old Dominion University has a lot of foreign languages, so I'm happy! I'm taking Beginning Japanese this Fall semester. The academic adviser didn't want me to take it, because it's an intense 6-credit language class, but then I told her about my qualifications...she let me take it. I'm also taking Self-Defense! I think it will be fun (I forgot to mention that I like martial arts a lot.). Other than that I'm taking my general education classes(Math 101, English Composition, and Philosophy of World Religions). That's 17 credit hours in all, but it doesn't sound that terrible...

The campus is not beautiful but it is nice. It looks pretty industrial and is a fairly large campus. Most of my classes are in the Arts and Letters building (Well, I am in the College of Arts and Letters so it makes sense.). It's the tallest building on campus. My godmother works in the building right beside it. Her co-workers are really nice and said that they will help me with my MacBook computer. I don't know my dorm assignment yet, though I want a single room, because I need to be able to block out all sunlight and have trouble finding my things, when other people move them. It's a little stressful, but that's life!


The mundane will drive me INSANE!

This was day 4 of the boring cleaning and packing week...How did I acquire so much crap?! Oh, right...I'm a packrat...no matter, I'm getting rid of it all.There's stuff all over my floor sorted into different piles...but that's boring. THIS WHOLE WEEK has been boring. I've been playing housewife while my mom has gone to visit her mother. I don't mind the cooking and cleaning, but I'm awful lonely...

Yesterday, my paternal grandmother came over to take me out to find myself a graduation present. While she was in our family room she said, "Where is Sandi [our late dog]? I haven't seen her the last few times that we were over." I had to tell her that the dog had been dead for two months. No one had told her. It was so awkward!

The only exciting thing that happened today was a visit from the Virginia Department for the Blind. They are going to buy me the laptop that I need for college. My dad was happy about that, since the computer is about $1,500!

I'm so tired of being cooped up in my room cleaning. At least I get to have a Summer Solstice party tomorrow! I hope it goes well.

Wow...this entry is really boring...sorry everyone!