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Pokemon Wants!

This is my Wants List for pkmncollectors. If you are looking at this because you have my name in a swap just know that I'll be happy with anything you get me, no matter how far up or down it is on the list. Any plush on this list can either have no hang tag or a detached one, but I'd like them to be in very good condition. Feel free to ask me (or, if it's a secret thing, our host) for pictures! I'll love anything you get/make me!!!

If you are looking here for trading purposes, items higher on the list are probably ones I'd me more interested in acquiring at the moment. Also, if you have other items that, from looking at this list, seem relevant to my interests feel free to ask me! My main collection is Jolteon. I also like regular ans Alola Vulpix, Mimikkyu, Furfrou, Phantump, Ampharos, Mareep, Wimsicott and Eevee.

Note: Things that are crossed out are possibly pending Get status.

Current Grails:

***Large Jolteon Pracoro (sp?) dice (any)***
*Small Jolteon Pracoro (sp?) dice (any)*
*Jolteon Bell Plush*

Other Items:

2017 Jolteon Standing UFO Plush (the 28cm one released in April)
Jolteon Kuttari Charm (I don't meed te Vaporeon and Umbreon, so just Jolty would be fine.)
Shiny Mega Gardevoir MPC Plush
Pokemon quiz books ( HGSS, B2W2, or XY) (I would absolutely love either one of these!) I own DPPt and BW
Small Eevee Walky Plush
Ramos' Gym Badge (the leaf-shaped one)
Pokemon Cafe Mug (the one with the three monkeys from the promo named "pokemon cafe")

For Customs:
Jolteon is my main collection, and I am weak to custom Jolteon items, especially plush, amigirumi, charms/keychains, and buttons.
I also like cute Mimikkyu charms/keychains and buttons. Jolteon *as* a Mimikkyu is great too.
I'd love a minky custom Mimikkyu Jolteon plush.


My Teeth, They Are Feeling the Pain

So, I'm writing this before the painkillers, because on the painkillers, music is too complicated and I apparently type my sentences with spaces only after each sentence. Itkindoflookslikethis. Whichisprobablyveryhardtoread.

Anyway, A few of my teeth have been sore on and off for the past month or so. I'm terrified of the dentist, because I had the most painful wisdom tooth extraction that involved chopping an impacted tooth into six pieces. I didn't even have the good drugs during it and woke up in the middle to blood and medical blue everywhere. Since then, I've always been scared even though my current dentist is really nice...and probably related to me...I think she's a distant cousin.

ANYWAY, my teeth were in such terrible pain last night that I couldn't sleep. I was so confused and thought I might have to get a million root canals. However, I went to the dentist today, and she had NO IDEA what was wrong. She called in the other dentist who practices there, and he had no idea either! 0.o She decided that it was probably due to me grinding my teeth when I sleep. Lovely. It makes sense, since I do grind them, especially when I'm stressed. (And when am I NOT stressed these days?) She sent me home with pain meds and nausea pills, because strong pain meds don't settle well with me. This particular nausea medicine does the job but not without making me feel like I'm at sea. The last time I was on it, I felt like I was swaying in my desk chair and almost fell out of bed while trying to get into my tall bed at college.

I'm trying to check all my e-mails before the meds, since I'm sure I'll end up sending barely intelligible messages while on them. But my face is not feeling the good, and I have a sinus headache on top of all that, because WHY NOT??? It makes my mouth feel that much worse. I completely lost my appetite, but I did end up napping with a cup of mashed potatoes today. I'd wake up, take a bite, and then go back to sleep. I'm not looking forward to the "I took too many pills" feeling and have been avoiding taking the pain meds all day, but they will probably be nice for sleep, It's definitely better than feeling like half my face is going to either explode or fall off.


Adventures in the Rain

So, I haven't posted in forever, but I have to tell this story!

Thursday night, my best friend was really upset and wanted to go out to a local club to meet people and cheer up. It had been raining on and off all day, but we managed to make it there and stay fairly dry. We had a decent time. We had never been on 80's night before. After a while, we decided to skip out and get IHOP. The rain had picked up. We ran to her car and began heading towards the restaurant of delicious breakfast foods, when we came up upon some high water...

So, then...Collapse )


ODU Here I Come!

Well I've been busier lately. I went for PREVIEW at my college today. Old Dominion University has a lot of foreign languages, so I'm happy! I'm taking Beginning Japanese this Fall semester. The academic adviser didn't want me to take it, because it's an intense 6-credit language class, but then I told her about my qualifications...she let me take it. I'm also taking Self-Defense! I think it will be fun (I forgot to mention that I like martial arts a lot.). Other than that I'm taking my general education classes(Math 101, English Composition, and Philosophy of World Religions). That's 17 credit hours in all, but it doesn't sound that terrible...

The campus is not beautiful but it is nice. It looks pretty industrial and is a fairly large campus. Most of my classes are in the Arts and Letters building (Well, I am in the College of Arts and Letters so it makes sense.). It's the tallest building on campus. My godmother works in the building right beside it. Her co-workers are really nice and said that they will help me with my MacBook computer. I don't know my dorm assignment yet, though I want a single room, because I need to be able to block out all sunlight and have trouble finding my things, when other people move them. It's a little stressful, but that's life!


The mundane will drive me INSANE!

This was day 4 of the boring cleaning and packing week...How did I acquire so much crap?! Oh, right...I'm a packrat...no matter, I'm getting rid of it all.There's stuff all over my floor sorted into different piles...but that's boring. THIS WHOLE WEEK has been boring. I've been playing housewife while my mom has gone to visit her mother. I don't mind the cooking and cleaning, but I'm awful lonely...

Yesterday, my paternal grandmother came over to take me out to find myself a graduation present. While she was in our family room she said, "Where is Sandi [our late dog]? I haven't seen her the last few times that we were over." I had to tell her that the dog had been dead for two months. No one had told her. It was so awkward!

The only exciting thing that happened today was a visit from the Virginia Department for the Blind. They are going to buy me the laptop that I need for college. My dad was happy about that, since the computer is about $1,500!

I'm so tired of being cooped up in my room cleaning. At least I get to have a Summer Solstice party tomorrow! I hope it goes well.

Wow...this entry is really boring...sorry everyone!



Yeah, I'm a total nerd...but I'm one of a rare breed of nerds, at least where I live...

I am a foreign language nerd. There. I said it. I cease to function without them. I studied Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese in school and Japanese at home. I mainly like my college, ODU, for its amazing foreign language department. I have text books and other books about and in foreign languages! I even have an old French reader from the 1930's! I miss them if I do not speak them... (TT_TT) (I won't bore you with more gushing over my bizarre love for languages...)

I also love anime/manga! My favorite competed series is SPIRAL: ~suiri no kizuna~. I like a lot of others too, though I'm not that big on Naruto or Bleach... My favorite shojo is the Ouran High School Host Club anime. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is good too. As for shonen, I liked the Fullmetal Alchemist anime ( I have not read the manga...) I'm currently watching/reading D.Gray-Man. I find that Hoshino-sensei throws in a lot of social commentary. I cosplay. I do not usually sew my costumes (my sewing machine and I are in the midst of a cold war), but I make great props! I made a duct tape hand for an Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) cosplay. Many people at Anime Mid-Atlantic thought that the hand was cool. I even embedded a cross into it! (* w *) I'm working on Renge from Ouran High School Host Club. I need to find a wig...

I like Japan.No, not in the anime fangirl way; I REALLY like Japan! I'm legally blind; they have textured sidewalks and other ways of assisting the blind. They also have mass public transit. I think that honne and tatamae are interesting! I love the mythology and am intrigued by the group mentality. I actually know more about Japan than anyone on my People to People delegation this summer, including the leaders! (I will not bore you on this point either.) (=_=);

I would totally be an anatomy nerd too, but I suck at remembering the locations of small things (I suck at geography too.). Math makes me dizzy, due to eye problems...I'm not a band geek ( I wish I was...)...I'm just your regular anime nerd with an international twist.

I Graduated High School!

Yes, I graduated, but the problem is I am too tired to care. Sure, I'm proud of myself, but there was really no question as to weather I would graduate. I didn't even attend my own graduation...I didn't want to stand there for an hour and a half pretending to care about what everyone said...There were other reasons why I did not attend. I can't see well, so I wouldn't benefit visually. Our class was real stupid and rude to our principal this year...I didn't want to be a part of them. I don't sit still well. My parents and grandparents said that I could skip out on it. So, I told Guidance that I would not be attending. THEN, my friend committed suicide, so not only was I more upset than words can express, but I was even worse at sitting around doing nothing (like at a graduation). I also didn't want to sit there and think about how he would never be able to graduate.

Do I miss high school? Heck NO! I thought that I might, but my teachers made the last two months a living Hell. In anatomy, we dissected a cat for TWO freaking months! TWO MONTHS! She promised us an easy finish, if we worked hard throughout the year. We did. She even praised us for our hard work. However, at the end of the year she shafted us and made us learn SEVEN new chapters by ourselves a week before the final. She also gave us 30 points on our extra credit brain removal lab instead of the 100 points that she promised before we did it! She said that it helped people's grades too much...Then came the final. I got an 81% on it...the highest grade was an 82%. The class average was a 60%. One boy studied really hard and STILL got a perfect 0! She stressed me out, then asked me why I was so stressed! (@___@)

My AP English teacher gave us a three page research paper to do. No, not a normal research paper, a POETRY EXPLICATION research paper with 20 note cards and 10 sources AND a mandatory supplemental biography on the poet's life! It was such a pain...He said we would read a novel after the AP Exam... (TT_TT)

I also had FIVE projects due within the same seven day timespan. I was OK with that...I had it all planned out so that I would not be doing any of them at the last minute, UNTIL my closest male friend committed suicide during AP Exam week. I could not sleep much or eat anything much for days after. Instead of writing my research paper or working on my government [project, I wrote a eulogy to say at his service. I became very depressed, but life does go on, weather I'm ready for it or not. I will post a separate entry all about what happened with him, when I am ready.

All in all, the last two months of school were a living Hell with a prom and a senior trip mixed somewhere in there. Now I am exhausted, but there is more work to do...I have to pack for college...ODU here I come!

Remember, no matter how much life sucks or tires you out, you have to keep at it! The bad helps you appreciate the good. Just think that this too shall pass.